christine farnish

Christine Farnish CBE

Chair of P2PFA

Christine has worked at senior level in financial services since 1998 when she was appointed Consumer Director at the FSA. She joined the National Association of Pension Funds as CEO in 2002 and in 2006 joined Barclays as Group MD of Public Policy, a role she held until 2011. Christine now pursues a portfolio career. In addition to chairing the P2PFA Christine is an independent director of OFWAT and OFGEM and a member of AXA’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel. Previously she served on the Boards of the OFT, ASA and ING Direct, chaired Consumer Focus and the Family and Parenting Institute and undertook an Independent Review of MAS for Treasury Ministers.

tony boorman

Tony Boorman

Independent Director P2PFA

Tony Boorman joined the Financial Ombudsman Service in 2000, initially as Principal Ombudsman, and later went on to be appointed as Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Ombudsman with responsibility for leading policy, strategy and stakeholder management. Since November 2013 he has led the service as Chief Ombudsman and Chief Executive (Interim). Prior to joining the Ombudsman Service Tony was Managing Director of Ofgem, the gas and electricity market regulator, where he led the work of liberalising the retail electricity market. He has also held a number of non-executive roles including as a commissioner for judicial appointments, and now at an NHS foundation trust hospital in the Midlands.

robert pettigrew

Robert Pettigrew